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Need a comedian or an emcee? Need help producing your next event? 

Send a message through the contact page and let's put on a show! (not recommended for children's parties)

writer - producer - comedian

Born in a trailer park and raised in a bowling alley; Chris is an adventurer of life and an explorer of experience. The same guy on as he is off the stage; laid back and easy going, never in a rush but always on time, likes to observe yet likes to be seen, loves to create and has a passion to perform, rough around the edges and occasionally controversial. He shares the lessons and tales from his journey through life and learns from those of others. He is Canadian, yet a citizen of the world. Just another fool tossing pasta at the wall…


Chris has been performing stand-up comedy since 2008, getting laughs all across the country with his quick wit, "foul" mouth & interesting life choices. He's opened for Mike MacDonald, produced & hosted his own show for seven years at the National Arts Center of Canada, was voted Ottawa's Favorite Comic by Faces Magazine in 2013 & was one half of "the Relentless Road trip"; performing 73 shows in 90 days across Canada.


Aside from performing stand-up comedy Chris has produced over 50 live events, has co-hosted local daytime TV & radio, attended the Toronto Film School, was lead singer of two bands in the early 2000's and won 89 awards for 5pin bowling from '89-'99. He has worked in restaurants for over 20 years and was a head chef by the age of 21. Now he hosts a podcast & a cooking show, continues to produce live events, performs stand-up & works as a sous-chef during the day.

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